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NIBURU CHILD - Sweet Scripts Book One

of Zen & rust at Sausalito - Chapter 1

The Power of Rust

Socially the nineteen twenties and thirties bohemia world influenced the nineteen fifties beatniks - who,  in turn, had a  profound effect on the hippies of the sixties. From Hippie to yippies to today's mainstream society, - this social chain is commonly accepted as a major US cultural movement. Where this chain was fused, link by link, was aboard the retired
ferryboat "Vallejo".

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Niburu Child

     The principals
     Elizabeth Keys a tall beautiful married lady has a lover named
Charles "Shey" Gravenstien. She works as a model for Nickolis
     Shey is a lover and a hustler. With the ability to make money but
is perpetually broke.
     Nic, the artist is a visionary obsessed with pre pre history. His
studio is filled with books on the subject. When he is not painting he
is working out his theories.
     Pepe Chiavi is Beth's much older husband. A busy man. His relationship
with his wife is formal. 

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